Brandina the Original

Brandina the Original

Brandina: the simplicity of a revolutionary idea.
Bringing the joy, colour and spensierity of the famous sea bed fabric to the inside of bags and accessories.


BRANDINA the Original is the line of bags and accessories made from the fabric of the Italian Riviera beach beds.

The idea was born during the creation by designer and photographer Marco Morosini of the photographic book “DIVIDIRIMINI” dedicated to the Adriatic Riviera and published in 2004 by Electa Mondadori.

The book tells the story of the Adriatic Riviera through the faces of Rimini’s lifeguards.
During the realization of the book he was struck by the ductility of the iconic fabric of the beach mattresses and decided to use it for the original covers of the book.

From there it was a short step: “In the fabric of the beach beds, I saw the beauty, the resistance and the possibility to create unique objects” says Marco.
He decided to use it to create bags and accessories, enhancing them with an Italian craftsmanship.

In just a few years Brandina has become an icon of seaside design.
This world encompasses over 50 years of tradition.
Brandina conveys the colours of the Italian beaches and the atmosphere you can breathe there.

Year: 2005

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Brandina the Original Brandina the Original Brandina the Original

Brandina the Original Brandina the Original Brandina the Original

Brandina the Original
  • Year: 2005