La notte rosa


Marco Morosini created the new image for the Pink Night, the most anticipated event of the summer on the Riviera.

And ‘the Passion theme of the ninth edition of the Pink Night, Friday, 4 July 2014 that it will provide its 2 million guests a full calendar of memorable events, all marked by the Italian Passion.

The passion in the kiss of young Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, represented by a pair of teenagers, is the main subject of the work.

The image research started by painting the kiss of Paolo and Francesca by William Dyce in 1845, up to the naked body of Bacchus by Caravaggio in 1596. circular image that pushes the observer in an endless loop, in a rotational movement that starts from the kiss at the tattoo to then pass through the hands, the book and again to kiss. A modern image, which contains contemporary culture and elegance.

The Morosini study cared for Rimini APT coordinated image of the event.

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