Marco Morosini was born in Pesaro in Italy on the 29.11.1972. He studied at I.S.I.A. in Urbino, Italy, and at Fachhochschule in Augsburg, Germany. From 1997 onwards he worked at No Frontiere Design in Vienna and then at Fabbrica, the communication research centre launched by Benetton and directed by master of imagery, Oliviero Toscani. With Toscani he travelled to New York to oversee Talk Magazine, an editorial project published by Miramax. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco have hosted his personal art exhibition, uominiuomini.

For its 30th anniversary, Morosini was the art director for “30 Ans de Liberation”the celebratory almanac of the french newspaper Liberation. Electa Mondadori published his books of photography: “KOSOVARS Camp Hope”, “Divi di Rimini”, the story of lifeguards told through their faces “No Copyright, 252 royalty free pictures”, art photos for everyone to use. “DOG IS A GOD”, every dog’s dream come true: exclusive design dog baskets for exclusive owners.
He has also taught Theory and Technique in the Elaboration of Images at the University of Urbino for various years.

He is art director of the following books published by Ferrari: “China Tour”, “Panamerican 20.000”, “Magic India Discovery”and “Ferrari World Abu Dhabi The Book”and designed the international salons for Ferrari e Maserati. Since the exhibition “Le Grandi Ferrari di Sergio Pininfarina”in 2012, Studio Morosini has been responsible for all display and communication projects for the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy.

In Miami in November 2014 he inaugurated the exhibition
“The Art of Selling a Bag”, the starting point for a new relationship between art, design and commerce. In 2015 the personal exhibition moves to Milan and at the Galli Theatre of Rimini.
Part of the project is also a 45 minutes documentary and a photography book of 160 pages. In the April 2016, the new BRANDINA furnishing project with “Colombini Casa” is shown in Milan.

Today his ever expanding business is divided between Studio Morosini, Brandina and Castello di Granarola.

On every adventure he is accompanied by Barbara and their daughter Margherita.

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